Thank You Parents!

TBS is all about family.  It is a family in and of itself, comprised of many families with awesome parents!  These parents and families are serving God, demonstrating love, sacrificing for their children, investing in their children, shining Christ's light into a dark world, and using bluegrass music as a means of blessing others, having positive experiences, teaching responsibility and developing fantastic children.  These parents need a great big "Thank you" and to be covered in prayer.  When you meet them, offer them a word of encouragement and let them know they are in your prayers.



Our Families

*Baker *Turnipseed *Osborne *Moore *Ferguson *Roberts *Church *Tebworth *Price *McCreary *Harris *McBride *Comeau *Barker *Lathe *Oyler *Eddy *Lanier *Paisley *Arrowood *Greene *Purcell *Shumway

*Amaral *Yother *Jacobsen *Williamson *Henson *Lang *Greer *Patrick *Russell *Burnett *Morris *Alley *Horton *Wiley *Mason *Mause *Bailey *Crain *Phillips *DiGiovanni *George *Crowe *Stewart *Klein

*Zolla *Tate *Marshall *Montegomery *Rowe *Peters *Watts *Wright *Schrader *McKenny *Rogers *Patty *Hooper *Stockhoff *Fredrick *Holder *Anderson *Riddle *Miller *Wellington *Smith *Howell *Hill

*Sosebee *Gressett *Burleson *Dudenhoeffer *Wright *Webb *Lemaster *Redding *Johnson *Ellenburg *Byran *Weitzenfeld *Bishop *Bowman *Levy *Houseman *Sowell *Murphy *Nalley *Kerschner *Ross

*Taylor *Norris *McMahan *Bearfield *Marcus *Powell *Stormont *Kelley *Teno *Clayton *Burnett *Maupin