Macy Henson




Macy Henson is 13 years old*.  She has been playing fiddle for a little over 3 years.  She was inspired by watching her older brother play and decided to give the fiddle a try.  She too was hooked after her bow hit the fiddle.  She now plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin and a little bass.  Macy has won many awards at fiddlers conventions as she travels over North Carolina and Virginia.  She helps sing lead and harmony with her brother Tanner at local churches, festivals and events.  Macy is also a dancer.  She has danced various styles of competition dance since the age of 4.  Just this year she decided to focus only on clogging.  She dances with JM Studios in Archdale, NC and The Hickory Hoedowners in Denton, NC.  Recently, her team competed at the National Clogging Competition in Spartanburg, SC and won first place in all three categories that they competed, as well as winning top elementary team of the year!