History of Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars

The idea for a group that supports and promotes young up and coming bluegrass musicians through excitement and encouragement began approximately around 2009 and started taking root around 2010. John Colburn, a long time bluegrass fan, started noticing that most of the performers were older and the audience was mostly older as well. He began to think, “Who is going to be the next generation of bluegrass musicians and their audience when the time comes?” He also noticed an extremely valuable and indispensable resource within the bluegrass community- aspiring young bluegrass musicians and realized that they are THE FUTURE OF BLUEGRASS MUSIC. He began thinking about how someone needs to encourage these young folks and keep them excited about and involved in bluegrass music. There are some amazing veteran bluegrass artists who take the time to do this but John realized that this needed done on a larger scale. From there, the idea of a bluegrass group supporting Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars (TBS) that would support, encourage, excite and promote these amazing young artists became a reality. It is very possible that Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars would not be in existence today if it weren't for Willow Osborne!! Her and John Colburn first met at SPBGMA a few years ago......and slap-dab-bang, the idea of TBS happened !!  Currently there are over 290 in the TBS family, each with a huge heart for Traditional Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel Music.  As of late 2018, there have been 294 aspiring bluegrass musicians inducted into Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars, and more to soon join this fantastic group of youngsters!  These musicians are selected by their dedication to preserving bluegrass music, their commitment to growing and developing as professional musicians, their musical achievements and accomplishments, their focus on blessing people through music and their example of good character. The youngsters in TBS are some of the most polite, well-mannered, respectful, helpful and humble young people you will meet. TBS offers ways for these young musicians and their families to interact and get to know each other, to help show off these young folks' wonderful God given talents and to promote opportunities within the bluegrass community through exposure, interaction, education, showcasing talent, mentoring, networking, resources, connections and events.  TBS has an online community, website and merchandise to promote the cause of youngsters in bluegrass. TBS consists of the members, mentors, supportive families and the absolutely wonderful leader and founder, John Colburn, CEEO (Chief Encouragement and Excitement Officer). TBS promotes widespread awareness of the many very talented youngsters we have that are striving to

Preserve "yesterday’s" Bluegrass Music for "tomorrow"!