Cara DiGiovanni




Cara Digiovanni is 17 years old* and is from Nashville, Tennessee. She can play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and stand up bass, but her primary instruments are fiddle and mandolin. Cara started learning the fiddle, which she had received as a Christmas gift, when she was 5. She soon began to improve in her fiddling as her sister Frannie started learning to play guitar. Cara then became interested in the guitar as well. Before you know it, she could play numerous different instruments, including fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and piano. She plays and sings bluegrass with her sister, but is open to other genres. Cara has entered countless competitions since she was 6 or 7 years old and has placed well in many contests in her life. Throughout her life as a young musician, she has taken lessons from many different great teachers. Currently, she plays mandolin in a bluegrass band called Someday Soon, with her sister and two others who she has grown up playing music with, and still continues to compete. Cara is continuing to learn more about music and plans to keep playing for the rest of her life.