Code of Conduct

It is a mutual privilege for Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars to have you and for you to be a part of TBS.  As a member, you should represent the future of bluegrass music honorably because it is an honor to carry on the legacy and heritage of bluegrass music for the generations.  Members are chosen for certain qualities and those character traits are expected behavior from those representing TBS. These qualities include being honest, humble, respectful, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, loyal, kind, courteous, polite, well-mannered, helpful, selfless, compassionate, having integrity and perseverance, desiring to serve others, valuing family and being invested in the preservation of bluegrass music.  TBS members do their best to maintain a positive attitude that is reflected through speech and actions.

A TBS member knows that they are there to serve the audience and not the other way around.  A TBS member also knows that bluegrass music is so much bigger than the stage or even the music itself and that bluegrass is a complete culture of friends, family, music, history and community.  TBS is a very family based group so a supportive family base is a must for TBS members.  This is to protect the group, its' members and its' goals.  TBS members support the MissionPurpose and Vision of TBS. TBS members support, encourage and appreciate one another and show respect towards each other, each family and each band.  Areas of concern should be brought to the attention of John Colburn respectfully and privately so they can be addressed in the best way possible.  After reading this Code of Conduct, you should realize how much it says about you that you were selected for TBS.

Congratulations and welcome friend!